A huge part of Love to Learn is community.  We value it.  Our coffee shop is proof of that!  We have a sit down area where people can enjoy a cup of coffee and share a great conversation.  We also value communication with our constituents, and promote honorable values in everything we do.  We invite people to be a part of things: like building wells in Africa.  The bottom line is that we care about kids, and who they grow up to be: artists, creators and movers.  Art & Movement is not just for the elite few who can make it as a career - it is for everyone who enjoys art & movement, and finds joy in it.  

Thank you to all of the wonderful people that make up Love to Learn Preschool and it's community!  It is not an entity in and of itself, but a larger community of people that make it what it is.  Thank you Teachers, Office Staff, Students, and Parents for your continued involvement and support.  Love to Learn PK would not exist without all of you!